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“Pip! Wake up!”

“Your ant is gone and I'm
really, really scared!”

“Morgan’s gone?”

“Morgan? Uh... yeah, and I
keep hearing this really weird sound...”

“Gigi... no offence, but you're not meant to be here, and—”

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?!”


“Pip... we need to run.”

“Do you think it wants to hurt us?”

“Please run, please!”

“Wait! Wait for me! It's
moving too fast!”

“Come on! This was you and
your ant's ide—”

It's already finished with her?!

I've got to find a way out of
this place with its stupid

Woah. But there's no way...

I've seen this one before!

But that would mean...


“Ey, Gigi!”

“How many times have your
mother and I told you? Put
your hat on or you’ll get

Wh-where am I? Who are
these people?! Why did he call
me Gig—

“Sorry dad!”

Waaaaugh! Why did I say

“That’s what I like to hear —
some respect for your dear
old father!”

“And dear young mother!”

“Now come on over here.
There's something you need
to see.”

No there isn’t! I'm not who
you think I am!

“Can you see that thing
coming out of the ground
over there?”


... what is that thing?

“You must never go
anywhere near it.”

“What's wrong, Pip?”

“Were you having a bad
dream, dear? I can teach you
what they mean, you know...”

Wh–what’s with this giant old

“I dreamt someone was
coming to our door,



“Is that so? If we’re to be
expecting guests, I'd better
make some tea.”

Stop smiling! I don't want tea!

“Oh. That’ll be them now.”

Very Sensitive! There’s a
monster out there!”

... what kind of name is that?

What are you doing, Gigi?

Why won’t you listen... the people who love you
most in the world?

Is this what it feels like...
to be bad?

“A monster?”

“It's headed this way now — a crazy tree!”

“That's no good, is it?”

No good?! It struck my son!”

“Your son will be fine, dear.
Leave him here and we’ll take
care of this — crazy tree, was

“Will you please take this

“I am, I am! Pip will take good
care of your boy while we’re
gone. We won’t be long.”

Does Pip even know how to uh
- stop blood and stuff?


“Oh... hi Pip...

want to know a secret?”


Please don’t go inside please
don’t go inside please don’t go inside please don’t go inside

“I wonder what’s in here
that’s got my dad so wound

please please please please
please please please please

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

“Is it this flat stuff?”

do you really want to find

No! Stop! What is WRONG with you?!



“What is this thing?”

“... a secret?”

Yes! Tell us your secret!

“... should you really be telling
others your secrets?”

Baaaah! Pip! Stop being such
a goody goody!

“Yeah... you're right... sorry.”


“It’s fine! C’mon - let’s see
how bad you’re hurt…”

“I think I’m okay...”


“Oh! Ohhh no!
There’s a lot of blood!”

“I’m okay, really––!”

“And there’s something in
your suit...”


“What... what is this thing?”

Is that his blood on there?


“I... I shouldn’t tell secrets.”

Come on Pip! You must see
how fishy this is...

... do something!

Wait here...
I’ve got to ask my grandma
about something.”


“So what if I push this...?”

Is this really happening


= 𐑧𐑮𐑹𐑟!!! 𐑛𐑦𐑛𐑩𐑯𐑑 𐑢𐑻𐑒!!! 𐑑𐑴𐑯𐑻…
𐑚𐑮𐑴𐑒. 𐑑𐑮𐑱… 𐑚𐑮𐑴𐑒. @:-(

= 𐑕𐑻𐑗𐑦𐑙 𐑓𐑹 𐑩𐑕𐑦𐑕𐑑𐑩𐑯𐑑𐑕… 𐑯𐑪𐑑
𐑓𐑬𐑯𐑛! 𐑷𐑤 𐑜𐑪𐑯!!! @:-O

= 𐑯𐑴 𐑕𐑼𐑝𐑦𐑕𐑦𐑕... 𐑣𐑽
= 𐑯𐑴 𐑕𐑼𐑝𐑦𐑕𐑦𐑕… 𐑧𐑯𐑦𐑢𐑺
= 𐑢𐑺 𐑞𐑩 𐑕𐑼𐑝𐑦𐑕𐑦𐑕??? @:-S

= 𐑔𐑦𐑙𐑒𐑦𐑙: 𐑚𐑼𐑜𐑩𐑤𐑛 𐑚𐑲 𐑤𐑦𐑑𐑩𐑤 𐑥𐑧𐑯

= 𐑗𐑧𐑒𐑦𐑙 𐑢𐑦𐑞 𐑓𐑮𐑧𐑯𐑛𐑟…
𐑯𐑴 𐑓𐑮𐑧𐑯𐑛𐑟 𐑓𐑬𐑯𐑛!!! @):-O

= 𐑦𐑥𐑐𐑪*𐑕𐑦𐑚𐑩𐑤 𐑦𐑥𐑐&𐑪𐑕,𐑦𐑚𐑩𐑤 𐑦𐑥𐑐:𐑪𐑕𐑦𐑚𐑩𐑤
𐑦𐑥'𐑐𐑪𐑕𐑦\𐑚𐑩𐑤 𐑦𐑥{𐑐𐑪𐑕𐑦𐑚𐑩𐑤
𐑧+𐑯𐑛 𐑪𐑓 𐑤^𐑲𐑯 @X-}


... you deserve everything
that happens to you, Gigi.


“Gigi! Where-”

“Mama! I'm so sorry! There
was a monster in there who-”

“No, listen! Listen to me!”

Oh no.

“Did you see your dad? He
went inside to look for you!”

“How can we stop it?”

“We need to find out why it
came here in the first place.
This sort rarely show up


“Pip..? Why aren’t you at

“There's something you need
to see!”

Pip, be careful!

“Look out! The monster is

“It is..?”

“... Leader, would you please
calm down?”

“I could have sworn it threw
something at us — it landed in the field...”

“Are you all right, dear? You
should hurry back home!”

Tell her!


“Here it is!”

“Would this have anything to
do with the monster?”


“Did you try to bring her
back, Leader?”


“And you offered up your own

“Who are you to judge me, old woman?! If you’re so brave,
surely you know what has to
be done now? That monster
will kill us all if you don’t help!”

“… Pip. Run home. Tell the
others what you’ve seen.”

“I know what I must do.

…and I forgive you, Leader.
We’ve all lost someone we

“But make no mistake:
though I will be gone...


“Gigi - I'm going to go find him
... stay here!”

... but you're not going to stay
here, are you?

“Mama! Don't leave me!”

“Mama? Dad? Where are
you? Let me show you the way out!”


Woah... how deep does this
place go?

*cough* *hack* *cough*

“Mama? Dad?!”

... why do I feel like I've seen
this before?

...this is taking longer than I
thought it could.

Is the machine broken?

(I have to admit, I'm
surprised it started up at all.)

(I thought it'd be useful for

— what's the term? —

a team-building exercise.)



Don't go!!!

Don't go!!!

Don't leave me!!!

Don't leave me!!!



You girls actually have a lot in

And that includes a
common enemy.