On a faraway island…

A small group of people live hidden between the rocks and trees in peace and obscurity. Everyone that is, except for one young man whose heart yearns for more.

But in this time and place, magic is real – and it has a notably dark sense of humour. And he might get what he's after.

Peaches is an ongoing series of comics made for the web, inspired by the old kind of fairytales with bad endings. Some of them have narration, and all of them have music.


Sam Gwilym
Habadasher, Chronoglyph
And lettering by Rob Mientjes

Chapter I: Leader

A pragmatic young man named Leader has everything he could ask for, and yet finds there is something missing.

And in this time and place, magic is real, and something very bad is about to happen.

A scrolling story with acoustic music and narration, running at 16 minutes.


Chapter II: Gigi & Pip

To make sense of what happens next, we need to go way back. Back when the guests had never been to the island, and Particularly Sensitive was just called Pip.

  1. It's complicated
  2. Please listen closely
  3. The centre of the world

A comic with animation and a chiptune soundtrack.


Guest Comics

Takes on Peaches by other webcomic artists.

  1. Latest update: 13th November

  2. Chapter II
  3. Guest Comics